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Bridging A Gap Community Initiative (BAGCI) 2020 Update

Children in Uganda stopped going to school in April 2020 due to COVID 19. Since then, the BAGCI Community Centre, where vulnerable children access breakfast before going to school, has been closed  and unable to operate because of COVID 19 restrictions. Although some children in some classes have been allowed to go back to school to prepare for national examinations, the BAGCI centre is still not allowed to operate under the ongoing restrictions.

The majority of the children have now been out of school for almost a year. Most of them are unable to access e-Learning because their schools are not set up for it nor do the children have the technology at home to access the school work. It is just out of reach. Many families continue to struggle to put food on the table, have proper shelter or access to quality healthcare.

Before COVID, the core funds for the organisation especially for the breakfast centre came from community members. However, most of the community members have either lost their jobs or their income streams have suffered due to loss of work during the ongoing COVID 19 situation.

It has been a really challenging year for everyone, especially children and families who were already vulnerable and struggling, before COVID 19 spread globally early in 2020 and brought the world to a standstill. The BAGCI children have lost a whole year of education, and the families have had no support from BAGCI because of government COVID rules and restrictions.

There is every hope that all the children in Uganda will return to school next year, and that BAGCI will be allowed to operate. However, there will be many more challenges to deal with where BAGCI is concerned. BAGCI will not only have to address school hunger, but holiday hunger too. The BAGCI children will need support with their education, their homework and the organisation will have to invest heavily in technology and technological skills to support the children. There is a real worry than many girls may not return to school as parents and families struggle with fees for children, due to reduced income and support. There are a multitude of issues that will need dealing with once a proper assessment of the needs of the BAGCI families is done.

It is clear that the financial contributions made by community members will either not be forthcoming or will be inadequate to support BAGCI in the coming years. BAGCI is going to need extra support.

Fortunately, AIDS Orphan, a UK based organisation, which has supported BAGCI with the Early Childhood Development Programme and the construction of the BAGCI Community Centre, has agreed to fundraise for BAGCI.

To donate to BAGCI please go to aidsorphan.net and give whatever you can. No donation is too small. Make sure that you indicate that the donation is for BAGCI. Thank you.

For more information, please contact
Winnie Sseruma
Co-founder, BAGCI