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Who We Help

BAGCI provides breakfast to the most vulnerable children in the community so that they do not go to school hungry. A good nutritious breakfast allows the children to concentrate as well as stay in school.


BAGCI is a community run charity. Kajjansi community members donate their own money to support others in their community. Members of Bridging A Gap have raised millions of shillings from their own pockets since the start...

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About Us

Bridging A Gap Community Initiative (BAGCI) is a registered community-based organisation operating in Kajjansi town, 7 km on Kampala- Entebbe road. The idea of the organisation was conceived in 2005 and initiated by volunteers who wanted to do something to improve the lives of vulnerable members of their community. The main activity for BAGCI is to provide breakfast to the most vulnerable children in the community so that they do not go to school hungry.

This was determined as the best entry-point to help guide BAGCI members into other needs of the community. A good nutritious breakfast not only allows the children to concentrate and stay in school, but to also realise their full potential. Members of BAGCI collectively come up with the money which buys the ingredients of the daily breakfast as well as the rent of the facility in which it is provided. Guardians & parents of the young people who access the BAGCI centre take turns to volunteer to cook the breakfast during the school term. A project Coordinator supervises the purchase of ingredients and cooking, makes sure all the children are registered every morning and provides a detailed report to members at the weekly meetings. The Coordinator is currently the only paid member of the project.

Over the last eleven years BAGCI has been in operation, breakfast has been provided consistently, without fail. Additionally, the organisation moved from rented premises to the ground floor of the BAGCI owned centre. There is evidence of improvement in the lives of some of the young people who have and continue to have breakfast at the centre. Some children are doing better in school and most of them attend school regularly. The trust between BAGCI and the communities it serves, grows stronger each day.

However, number of children accessing breakfast has gone up, year on year. So, has the number of children on the waiting list. There are more secondary school students who attend the breakfast centre, than primary school children.

The BAGCI centre continues to be a social space for vulnerable children, a place where the BAGCI Coordinator supports them with their homework, they learn about cleanliness and manners. The values of responsibility and helping one another are enhanced. The impact of BAGCI goes far beyond providing breakfast.

This year, BAGCI will prioritize three things among its core activities. For the first time, an early childhood development (ECD) play group will be piloted. The aim of the ECD is to support children between 3 – 5 years of age to learn through play, while freeing up time for their parents / guardians to tend to domestic chores and or economic activities. Secondly, the organisation will continue to build on the work of providing a basic health care facility and internet café, through building relationships with relevant organisations. This will also involve reviewing procedures and documentation of the BAGCI organisation.

Thirdly, BAGCI hopes to complete the construction of the community centre. This process will require an effective fundraising strategy as well as support from BAGCI well-wishers and new partnerships.

If you want to know more about BAGCI please contact us through our website with questions, suggestions and comments. Thank you for your interest.

Winnie Ssanyu Sseruma
Founder Member