A New Permanent Breakfast Centre

1st Floor BAGCI Kids project  BAGCI Ground Floor
Here is the progress on the 1st Floor of BAGCI Centre(L) to be completed by end of 2016. The Ground Floor(R) was finished in 2015. The second and final floor of the building will be started and completed in 2017.


As the organisation continues to grow in both membership as well number of children being fed it was imperative that the organisation grow with demand and find a new permanent home.

BAGCI is in the process of building a permanent home in the heart of 'The Line', Kajjansi, Uganda. The Centre will continue to be located at the centre of the community where demand is high.

The three storey building will be a one stop shop which will include a community centre, a health clinic & an internet café, as well as the current breakfast centre. Community members will get a chance to use the building for all sorts of social & community events.

Through the financial support of BAGCI members, friends in the UK, especially Friends of the Children Uganda Scotland (FOCUS), the ground floor of the BAGCI centre opened for business in February 2015. It was a great moment.

There are two more floors to the Centre, yet to be built. But for now, there is so much BAGCI and its members can do with the ground space that is available. BAGCI can continue to build on the homework clubs and have them every Saturday morning. Additionally, workshops and other social activities can take place in the centre for both the children and adults. The Centre is a huge resource for the community.

It is the hope of BAGCI that the building will be complete in another two years. Watch this space.

It is estimated that the building will cost approximately $80,000 / £50,900. This is a lot of money and it is going to be a challenge for BAGCI members to raise it. A fundraising strategy is being put in place to make sure the money needed is raised and that the building becomes a reality.