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BAGCI has been operating with very few students and even few volunteers, as schools start to open in Uganda, beginning with examination classes. Discussions and debates at national level are ongoing, in terms of when all school can fully open.While it is clear  that it is important for all students, new and old, to continue their education, the right balance has to be struck in managing the ongoing COVID pandemic, restrictions, livelihoods and going back to normal.

It is very likely that many children will not return to the BAGCI Community centre for the ‘Breakfast Club’ or any other activities for that matter –things will not be the same. This is not to say that there are no opportunities to do things differently as the whole world continues to rebuild and recover from the COVID 19 pandemic. It is going to take a lot of patience and time.

On behalf of BAGCI, I would like to express my thanks to individuals and funders, who donated financial resources through AIDS Orphan, UK to support BAGCI with emergency and recovery funds as the organisation moves forward. A special thanks goes to AIDS Orphan, UK for their continued support.

At the BAGCI Executive Committee level, a new committee was elected and sworn in earlier this month. It was a seamless transition from the old to the new. Thank you to the previous Executive Committee for helping the organisation get to its sixteen year in operation. So much has been achieved in the last few years, a good place to build on, going forward.

Welcome to the new Executive Committee led by Chairman – Engineer Andrew Ddungu. With a new team in place, BAGCI can start to assess how it moves forward and perhaps pivots to continue to stay relevant, serving the needs of vulnerable children, young people and their families, as we all navigate the current uncertainties, living alongside COVID, new ways of learning through technology, as well as managing the ongoing change in global and regional climate patterns.

The future is now.

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Co-founder  - Winnie Ssanyu Sseruma